Network Security

Access control, permissions, data loss prevention. These are all vital parts of your business. We can audit your current security and provide advice on making sure you are protected.

Disaster Recovery

It can happen, things go wrong. Before your pull all your hair out from stressing about that lost data, give us a call. We have worked with businesses who have been through this and recovered their data and got their systems back up and running so we can help you too.


Servers can be used in a lot of different ways. Do you need assistance in finding the right one for your needs? We can do all the work for you or work with you to find the right hardware for you.

Unified Communications

Struggling with internal or external communications? We are able to setup a robust communications system that will allow you to handle all your communication needs long into the future.

Network Cabling

Weather you require wired or wireless network connectivity there is still cabling to be done. We can plug those cables into the correct areas to make sure your network is running at top efficiency.

Technical Support

General questions and issues are our specialty. With the amount of experience we have had in the IT industry we have seen all kinds of issues. We can be available anytime for you to call and get resolutions.

IT Consulting

Working directly with you and your team to streamline your procedures using technologies that you may not know existed. Planning for the future so you don't miss out on the latest and greatest technologies.


If its broke, we can fix it. Don't worry, we have seen that issue before. When you just need someone to tell you it isn't supposed to be doing that, we can help.

Software Solutions

It's impossible to be able to research and find the best software for your business when you are busy running your business and aren't even sure where to look. We have worked with all kinds of businesses and can advise on the best software out there.